Develop your organization for the future

Organizations constantly need to address changing surrounding conditions requiring structural changes to their business. In order to achieve significant and lasting effect, long-term and coordinated work truly established in the organization, is required. Design and implement fundamental changes in the operational model to meet internal and external requirements.

Change of operating model or organization

An organization may need to make changes to its operational model for how customer value is delivered, but also needs to secure an organizational structure that supports and facilitates the chosen operating model. Axholmen has both long and broad experience from projects focusing on change, where a company’s operational model has to change based on both internal and external factors. We also possess the ability to perform an analysis of the current situation, targeting, analysis of a project’s potential, as well as implementation.

Merger integration

Studies show that a majority of acquisitions fail to achieve their intended targets or synergies due to several reasons. Axholmen’s view is that the outcome, success or failure, of an integration is determined by how well prepared and mature key functions and people in each organization are before the integration is initiated. Pre-integration, Axholmen supports companies, by e.g. developing an integration strategy and plan, identifying and estimating synergies, as well as mobilizing and establishing integration accounts. Post integration, Axholmen supports companies through implementation for realization of growth and operational synergies, risk management and communication. We can help with structure and coaching, or lead the integration office, and can also take an operational role by leading one or more implementation teams.

Digitalization of client offering or way of working

A continuously increasing focus on digitalization requires organizations to adapt to a digital future, in e.g. product design, customer journey and distribution. It is easy to focus on customer relations in a digital transformation, but the internal processes must also be adapted to secure efficiency and results. Axholmen has extensive knowledge in digitalization and knows how organizations can create their own competitive advantages through the right digitalization strategy at all levels – based on the company’s unique situation.


Many organizations today choose to turn to a more centralized or outsourced delivery model, hoping to increase cost efficiency, flexibility and quality in analysis and decision support, in both supporting and operational business functions. Each outsourcing is unique and in order to reach the targets, high demand is put on both knowledge, commitment and changeability in the organization. Axholmen has vast experience from complex transformations and outsourcing in different industries and functions. We know what key parts are required for a successful implementation, no matter where in the process you are. We offer advice in all stages, from analysis and procurement to implementation and follow-up.