Accelerate your career at Axholmen

Axholmen is looking for talented candidates who wish to accelerate their career and join our team at a fast-growing consultancy firm, where every employee is a central part of the company’s future. You agree with our philosophy of working closely with the client and sharing the clients’ goals and risks. We offer a supportive environment where you will be working with dedicated, fun, and professional colleagues, and have the opportunity to contribute to the company outside of project work.

Our values

To challenge our own perceptions, and our clients’ established truths, is at our core. By being a challenger, we create value beyond facilitation and project management.

Our focus is on what creates most value to our clients. We know that “success for our client equals success for Axholmen“ and aim for win-win situations in all our client relationships.

Sustainable success is based on high ethical standards – a good business deal must create long term value for the client even after the project is completed. It presumes integrity to stand up for important findings even when the truth is uncomfortable.

In our deliverables we highlight what is most important from a business perspective and present clear decision points. We keep our focus on the project’s purpose and goal, we adjust our ways and means to get there. We adapt to the client’s corporate culture.

We are interested in the individual and care beyond the current engagement. We build loyalty and lasting relationships with the client. We are there for each other and for Axholmen, also in busy times– when we give we also receive.

Our colleagues

Axholmen’s consultants are hand-picked for their strong references, expertise, and commitment. We have a background from well-known consultancy firms, but also experience from line positions in companies such as H&M and Zacco.