How we do it

Our way of working

Our clients highlight our collaborative, pragmatic and result focused approach and delivery as the primary features that distinguish us from our competitors. By working closely and pragmatically with our clients, usually in small teams and always with high integrity, we ensure lasting results and leave behind a stronger organization. We call it “The Axholmen Way”.

The Axholmen way

Activation and involvement

Our philosophy is that the best solutions and most permanent changes are achieved in close collaboration with the client organization. Our delivery model is therefore based on an inclusive and cooperative approach:

  • By working closely together we create dynamics between the expertise in the client’s organization and the knowledge our team possess. In addition, this creates an internal ownership of the change, as well as excellent conditions for the organization to grow along the way.
  • Our teams are relatively small, as we strongly believe that the best results are achieved in integrated teams with both consultants and client employees, rather than through isolated consultant teams. Furthermore, small teams are more cost efficient as knowledge and skills in the organization are utilized.
  • Our delivery model puts high demand on our consultants regarding experience and competence, and also the ability to include the client in the whole process. That is why we handpick our consultants, based on their strong professional backgrounds as well as their social and educational skills.
  • Our ultimate goal is that we, after finishing a project, leave a stronger organization behind with the ability and motivation to manage and further develop the business, and where the individuals involved have grown in their careers.

Pragmatic delivery model and strong integrity

Pragmatism is one of our core values and we are convinced that the best solutions are often the easiest. We are not fixated with standardized frameworks and delivery models, but are constantly working towards simple, effective solutions.

  • We use a hypothesis driven, iterative work model focused on identifying and verifying value-creating and feasible activities in order to quickly reach the targets.
  • We are both strategic and concrete with a combination of great analytical ability and powerful implementation.
  • Our experienced consultants have very good ability to quickly understand important business challenges and maneuver efficiently in new organizations.
  • Our mission consists of always finding the best solution for our clients and never compromise with our integrity. If necessary, we challenge certain established truths with our clients to make sure the best solution is chosen.

Results in the books

Our view is that modern consulting services are motivated by the actual results and financial value they create. In our projects we work towards concrete results and measurable numbers and are willing to share the commercial risk with our clients.

  • The foundation of our approach is to quickly create actual, measurable results and we evaluate our success based on what concrete impact we have on the yearly results, not through theoretical, projective follow-ups.
  • It is the results that are important, not that the initially planned route is followed. We work without prestige and are pragmatic and flexible in adapting the process and our delivery to changing circumstances.
  • In many of our projects, we have chosen to share the commercial risk with the client and tie significant parts of our fee to the realization of the targets agreed upon.

Axholmen has delivered real value to many of our portfolio companies in the Nordics.  They are uniquely able to address value creation strategies through tried and true methods and high quality engagement with their clients.

Robert J. Nicewicz Jr., Abry Partners