Challenges and focus areas for Swedish companies in 2022

Axholmen’s 2022 CEO study shows the most positive outlook for the year ahead since the annual study was introduced in 2010. Read more about what Swedish CEOs think about the future, and what SEB’s Johan Javeus has to say about the study results. Read Axholmen’s twelfth CEO study, in collaboration with Affärsvärlden (the study is in Swedish).

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Price optimization – Seven success factors that improve the acceptance rate for pricing adjustments

For many companies, a majority of revenue comes from the existing customer base in the form of ongoing agreements or new business from existing customers. Price adjustments or a transition to a new commercial model can be very important value adders – we share seven success factors that we believe affect the level of acceptance to a high degree regardless of industry and geography

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Sustainable resource planning – five key steps for success

For many companies there is a large potential within resource planning, however, the area is rarely in focus of management and is often expected to function by itself. Successful and sustainable resource planning leads to advantages such as improved quality, higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity (about 10% according to Axholmen’s experience) and increased employee satisfaction, e.g. clarity of expectations of work tasks and time for professional training

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