Increase profitability through improved efficiency

How does your business retain a competitive edge in an environment that constantly changes? We assist you with commercial efficiency improvements through the entire change process. In reality, it’s about identifying, prioritizing and executing the activities that are expected to provide the best results.

Cost reduction program

Do you need to make cost savings in your operations? To successfully cut costs long-term, there are three key prerequisites, a shared vision, a sincere willingness to challenge existing methods and a high level of commitment across the organization. It is important that the employees feel ownership in the change and are able to impact it.

Shared vision

At Axholmen our management consultants have extensive experience in supporting and guiding organizations with effective cost-reduction programs. We utilize the knowledge in your organization to create and unite the organization behind a shared vision of what the change will mean and tailor the approach to your organization’s unique situation

Resource optimization

Achieving high efficiency requires that you use resources in the best possible way. Examples of levers include reviewing the employee mix, introducing job rotation, creating efficient work schedules, or increasing flexibility with temporary employment agencies. But to achieve high staffing efficiency, the customer demand for staff needs to be optimized to your supply of staff.

Internal benchmarks

At Axholmen we help you succeed with resource planning. Our experienced management consultants have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of staffing efficiency and its improvement potential. We use internal benchmarks combined with data-driven modeling. Examples of appropriate measures could be automation, elimination of non-value adding activities, or management/planning of non-time critical activities.


Product and service procurement, either direct or indirect, usually accounts for a significant part of a business costs. Having an effective organization managing them is important to ensure profitability.

At Axholmen we support the development of your procurement organization in a number of areas. With extensive experience in strategy and organizational development, we can develop purchasing roles, establish new structures such as the design of your purchasing organization, set-up processes, and create category management. In addition, we can identify and realize savings on external services and products, right through to the negotiation of new contracts at your request.

Efficiency improvements

We support our clients with efficiency improvements – from identifying purchasing savings (by category or as a program) to implementation and renegotiation. In addition, we offer supplier relationship management (SRM) advice with frameworks, governance and supplier segmentation.

Working capital

Effective working capital management is essential for the success of a business to generate return on shareholders’ invested capital. Sustainable working capital efficiency improvements require operational changes, i.e. to change how business is conducted throughout the company’s core processes – from sourcing, supply chain and production to sales, delivery and invoicing.

Axholmen works closely with businesses to identify operational improvements and develop customized strategies that help improve capital efficiency and release cash to shareholders. A data-driven approach is taken to analyze business processes, tools and guidelines to ensure that our solutions are effective and tailored to the specific needs of each business.

If your business is facing working capital challenges, we can help. Contact us to learn more about how Axholmen can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

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