Commercial excellence

Optimize your revenue

We help our clients analyze and launch high priority initiatives to maximize revenue and profitability in their existing business.


In essence, all purchase decisions are in some way affected by the price, some to a greater extent than others. Price optimization takes place in several stages, from strategy and model to level and control, and is based upon an understanding for customer segments, price elasticity and price sensitivity. Axholmen has experience of all stages, and from working with both traditional and value-based pricing models.

Price Optimization – seven success factors that greatly affect level of acceptance for price adjustments


In a surrounding world affected by ever changing customer preferences and high demand for individualization, the ability to offer the right product, at the right place, at the right time becomes more important. Through data-driven customer segmentation and understanding of what products and presentations create real customer value, we can focus on putting efforts where they have the greatest impact. Axholmen can assist in the development and implementation of an integrated approach for a go-to-market strategy, thus creating the conditions for profitability, new revenue streams and ongoing competitive advantages.

Product and customer profitability

Axholmen has long experience from working with the understanding of true product and customer profitability, and we help our clients identify and realize the best actions based on that insight. Great results can be achieved through minor improvements in for example conversion rate, churn or average sales per customer. With innovative product offering there is a chance of increased revenue and profit opportunities, for example by product-as-a-service, subscription solutions and so forth. Understanding customer categories based on revenue and cost-to-serve enables targeted action, from price negotiations to more extensive value-creating additional services.