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Axholmen is a management consulting firm passionate about delivering lasting results – here we have short decision paths and high ambitions.
As a management consultant at Axholmen, you work in a broad span in ranging industries that involves everything from revenue maximization to implementing a major structural change for a client. All this to make sure our clients can succeed in taking their business to the next level. You are also involved in developing Axholmen as a company, with us you have the opportunity to take an active role and build forward on our success.

Management Consultant at Axholmen

– a role requiring genuine business focus

The number of clients who reach out to Axholmen for help in solving critical business challenges is increasing sharply, and we need to expand our team with more top talents.


What is Axholmen looking for?

You have previous experience as a strategy consultant, management consultant or as a high-performing person in a line position (e.g trainee, business developer, strategic purchaser, etc.).

Who you are:

  • Fearless multi-talent that can handle the consulting role professionally in all (un) possible types of projects, are curious and excited about taking on new challenges
  • Relationship builder who can connect with new people, build a strong network and build trust
  • Analytical thinker with the ability to structure and solve problems
  • Unpretentious team player who can put the team first
  • Entrepreneurial mindset where developing the firm is in your interest
  • Fluency in Swedish is a pre-requisite

Why Axholmen:

  • Challenging and diverse tasks – we do projects in different industries with varying types of challenges. We are often involved from strategy/analysis to implementationa together with the client
  • Positive, open and inclusive culture – all employees, regardless of position, have an unpretentious mindset with a great respect for the individual, both professionally and outside of work
  • Work-life balance – a reasonable workload and the opportunity to proactively manage your weeks enables a life outside of work, which is seen as a matter of course at Axholmen
  • Competitive salary – we offer compensation in line with competitors to attract and retain top talent
  • Early participation in business development – in addition to supporting and developing the clients’ companies, you are given the opportunity to contribute to Axholmen’s development, where proactivity is encouraged

Working at Axholmen

Axholmen is looking for the best strategy and management consultants in the Nordic region that want to develop fast in an inspiring environment where the development of every co-worker is central to our company’s future. We seek candidates that are attracted to our philosophy to share clients’ goals and risks, as well as working close to the client. Successful candidates will be curious, courageous and interested in joining and building a company with high growth ambitions.

We use our employees’ own words to describe the most important part of our offer – the one thing that really distinguishes Axholmen and makes us stay and thrive here.

Challenging and varied assignments – we do projects in various industries, companies of different sizes and with varied challenges. Usually we are part of the whole process from strategy and analysis to reaching targets together with our client.

Exposure to senior clients – Axholmen often work with clients’ senior representatives typically CXO level or business area managers. We work in small teams where everyone is exposed to key clients.

Work-life balance – our clients always have high demands, but with realistic plans – with a business model focusing on result rather than hours, everyone have time for a life outside work. Our office is located in central Stockholm near the majority of our clients that are in the Stockholm region, resulting in few travel days.

Personal culture – there is a great community and inclusive atmosphere, where we collaborate, inspire and care for each other throughout the whole company. We do not have an extreme pyramid organization structure, instead our leadership is more personal and individual.

Participation in business development – there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to Axholmen’s success, Own initiatives and ideas are encouraged and appreciated. Everyone in the company is actively involved in both strategy and sales activities.

Result based business model – we focus on results and value and relate our commercial model to the value we are part of creating. The business model helps us to work pragmatically and focus on what brings value.

Some of our colleagues

Axholmen offers a great combination of challenging high-profile projects, an entrepreneurial spirit where everyone is encouraged to contribute, as well as an open culture and great community. Add the possibility of combining work with other things in life and you have, at least in my opinion, an almost unique setup for a consulting firm. Did I mention we also do a lot of fun activities together?

Johannes Brunegård

The best thing about Axholmen is the open environment where everybody, from day one, are encouraged to participate in the continuous development of the firm. Add to this a mix of interesting clients, challenging projects, and competent colleagues and you have a winner, where personal development is inevitable. Overall grade for Axholmen is 5/5!

Felix Andersson

I am proud to be a part of Axholmen! We have an open-minded atmosphere and an including culture where everyone shares their experiences and knowledge. This inspires development and makes us stronger as a team, so we can deliver even better results to our clients. And we also have a lot of fun together!

Caroline Öhrberg

There were several reasons for me choosing Axholmen. For me it is important to have a great time at work together with all colleagues, as well as getting challenged with exciting projects. I believe Axholmen fulfils this, as I felt part of the community from day one and sense a constant personal development.

Johan Sarwe

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    Interview tips


    • Think about why have you applied to Axholmen and why you would be a good fit
    • Understand the requirements profile and think about your demonstrated strengths and weaknesses
    • Write down your expectations and questions about Axholmen
    • Practice on case examples, even if you have previous experience from case interviews


      • Ask clarifying questions – your interviewer is not you enemy
      • Do not panic if the industry in question is new to you – you are not expected to know it
      • The interview is a chance to show who you are and how you behave as a consultant
      • Do not get lost in the details – focus on the essentials and use hypothesis
      • Sum up the case interview and present your recommendations

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