Start your management consultant career with us

Do you want to work as a management consultant while also having the opportunity to actively develop a growing company? Are you curious, down-to-earth, and good at building relationships? Then a career with us could be for you. We offer a steep learning curve, early client exposure, opportunity to participate in business development, and a supportive work culture.

Fulltime Associate

We have closed our recruitment for Associates starting Autumn 2024.

We will open the recruitment for Associates starting Autumn 2025 in late 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the position as Fulltime Associate or our recruitment process, contact us at

Does this sound like you?

Have a Master’s degree in engineering or economics from a reputable university or business school, a good academic track record, as well as relevant experience in addition to your studies

You are also:

  • Curious – enjoy new challenges
  • Analytical – strong academic results, driven by creating structure and solving problems
  • Pragmatic team player – strive to deliver results together
  • Entrepreneurial – want to take an active part in Axholmens journey
  • People person – develop new contacts, build networks, and create trust

What do we offer you at Axholmen?

  • Exciting assignments – exposure to a variety of industries, with projects ranging from strategy development to realizing the result together with our clients
  • A positive, open, and inclusive culture built on common respect for each other
  • Work-life balance – striving to provide a reasonable workload, understanding that an individual’s needs may vary over time
  • Early participation in business development – in addition to developing our client companies, we also encourage our consultants to help with Axholmen’s development
  • Competitive salary – to attract and retain the best talents

Any thoughts and questions? Feel free to contact us at

Management consultants who love results

Do you want to help our clients solve business-critical challenges? Are you a relationship builder with excellent analytical skills? Welcome to Axholmen. We are experiencing strong demand for our services and are now looking for top talents to join us on our journey.

What’s best about working as a management consultant at Axholmen?

Interesting, varying assignments – “We work with international companies of different sizes, active in a range of different industries and facing a variety of challenges. Our involvement ranges from setting the strategy to realizing results together with our client.”

Exposure to C-level – “We often work with senior client stakeholders. Usually, our clients are CXOs or business area managers. We deliver our projects in small teams where all members are exposed to the key stakeholders.”

Work-life balance – ”Our clients demand a very high standard. Our focus is the results, not the hours worked, allowing you time for a life outside work. Our office is located in central Stockholm, and many of our clients also call the Stockholm region home, which means relatively few travel days.”

Inclusive culture – “We have an inclusive culture that is built on common respect for each other. Our non-hierarchical organization makes management more personal and individual.”

Participation in business development – “We encourage all our consultants to contribute to Axholmen’s success. Everyone in the company actively participates in strategy, business development, and sales work.”

Performance-based business model – “We focus on performance and value. We like to link our commercial model to the value we create. The business model helps us work pragmatically and focus on the things that create value.”

What our employees say

I have recently been in the above-described recruitment process. All consultants at Axholmen have, in addition to their role as a consultant, the opportunity to take internal responsibility for driving the development of Axholmen as a company. As a new addition to the team, I have taken shared reasonability for our Associate recruitment. This includes hosting a student event and the recruitment day during the fall.
If you have any questions about the event, recruitment process or what it is like to work at Axholmen, contact me at Hope to see you this fall!

Gustav Melander

At Axholmen, I not only get the opportunity to be challenged daily and be part of our interesting projects, but also actively participate in developing the company. For example, I am part of the recruitment group, where I work together with my amazing colleagues with the goal of finding next year's Associates - so much fun! Questions regarding out recruitment process or what it is like working at Axholmen? Reach out at – I am more than happy to describe more over a coffee!

Sofia Hagel

My first time as an associate has been incredibly rewarding. After the onboarding, I got to start working on a customer project with business-critical issues. We work in a close team where I get support and opportunities to grow. One of the best things about Axholmen is the warm culture that is inviting, supportive and offers a wonderful community and fun activities. I could not be more happy with my choice to join Axholmen!

Emma Dahlin

While completing my internship at Axholmen I experienced a combination of challenging projects and a great culture that provided me with a progressive learning curve. From day one, I felt encouraged and had the opportunity to actively contribute to our results, gaining an invaluable experience akin to that of a seasoned management consultant. This exposure to projects and clients, combined with the great colleagues, made my decision to continue my journey with Axholmen after graduation an easy one.

Olle Forsberg

What I like most about Axholmen is the fantastic culture we have in combination with all the exciting projects. Already as an associate, you are encouraged to participate in business development through internal commitments, which is a lot of fun! At the same time, you are surrounded by supportive colleagues and can easily combine being a management consultant with a life outside of work.

Isabelle Vännström

The recruitment process is of course challenging in that you get to experience the traditional business case method as well as logical assessments, but it is also a lot of fun. When I went through it, I felt supported every step of the way and sensed that the people I met throughout the process really wanted me to succeed. After both doing a 3-month internship and working full-time for some time after graduating, the feeling of team spirit and support has only grown. Axholmen brings the best of what Consulting has to offer; challenging projects from a diverse range of businesses and industries and a steep learning curve, coupled with a supportive environment where everybody wants you to succeed. Feel free to contact me at if you want to know more. I am happy to have coffee or lunch any time.

Felix Magnusson

Joining Axholmen in the fall of 2022 as an associate has been a great experience. Early client exposure in combination with the opportunity for internal responsibilities has made the first time at Axholmen a perfect start to my career. Personally, the amazing culture is the best part of Axholmen, as we always have a lot of fun together. At Axholmen, you are surrounded by supportive colleagues who encourage you to reach your goals. The reasonable working hours make it possible to combine the consultancy lifestyle with activities outside of work. If you want to know more, please reach out to

Ida Liljedahl

Right from the first contact with Axholmen, I experienced a clear focus on actual results, but also on the way to get there. During my first time as an employee, this has been confirmed in several ways, ranging from how the projects are focused on real improvements for the customers, to the fact that a usual day at the office is characterized by nice colleagues and a culture where every question is welcome.

Albin Wulfsberg

Axholmen is a firm that truly cares about its employees. As you enter the Associate role you are provided with all the tools you may need to keep a steep learning curve and participate in core parts of the projects. This, together with employees that support you along the way, contributes to a great work environment. That is why I hope that You apply!

Jakob Pehrson

Recruitment process and interview tips

Interview process for students

We organize a recruitment day each fall for our Associate positions. If you are selected, you will be called to either the morning or afternoon of the recruitment day. You will complete an analytical test and three case interviews on-site at our office. See below for tips to consider before the interviews.

How to prepare for the interviews:

  • Consider what about Axholmen appeals to you
  • Consider why you are a good match and want to work at Axholmen
  • Review the requirement profile and think of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Write down your expectations for the position and any clarifying questions
  • Practice case interviews

What to do during your case interview:

  • Ask clarifying questions – your interviewer is not your enemy but is there to help you
  • Don’t panic if you’re not familiar with the industry – it is not expected of you
  • Showcase structure – see your interview as an opportunity to showcase how you work and act as a consultant
  • Don’t get lost in the details – focus on what is important and use hypotheses
  • Summarise your conclusions and recommendations – demonstrate your ability to get your message across

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