Start your career at Axholmen already during your studies

Join Axholmen as an intern in 2022

Are you eager to gain insight to what a career as a management consultant has to offer while also taking part in building a company with high growth ambitions? Axholmen is looking for new interns to expand our team during spring or autumn of 2022. We invite students in the 4th (penultimate) year of studies to apply, applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.


  • Curious to take on new challenges and initiatives
  • Excellent academic records, analytical thinker with the ability to structure and solve problems
  • Unpretentious team player who can put the team first
  • Entrepreneurial mindset where developing the firm is in your interest
  • Social skills to build client trust and rapport between colleagues
  • Fluency in Swedish is a pre-requisite


  • 8-week internship during spring or autumn (flexible starting dates)
  • Early exposure to clients and senior colleagues – small project teams and close collaboration with the client gives great responsibility and exposure to client and senior colleagues
  • Positive, open and inclusive culture – all employees, regardless of position, have an unpretentious mindset with a great respect for the individual, both professionally and outside of work
  • Early participation in business development – in addition to supporting and developing the clients’ companies, you are given the opportunity to contribute to Axholmen’s development
  • Competitive salary – we offer compensation in line with competitors to attract and retain top talent
  • Work-life balance – a reasonable workload and the opportunity to proactively manage your weeks enables a life outside of work, which is seen as a matter of course at Axholmen

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Attach CV, cover letter and grade transcript incl. GPA and graduation year

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    Intern spring 2021

    Axholmen has a unique combination of strategic high level projects, a steep learning curve for employees, and an incredibly great culture. I felt like part of the team from day 1.

    Felix Magnusson, Master student at HHS/SSE

    Intern at Axholmen during spring 2021 and then employed starting August 2022.

    Interview tips

    Be prepared for the interviews:

    • Think about why have you applied to Axholmen and why you would be a good fit
    • Understand the requirements profile and think about your demonstrated strengths and weaknesses
    • Write down your expectations and questions about Axholmen
    • Practice on case examples, even if you have previous experience from case interviews

    During the case interview:

    • Ask clarifying questions – your interviewer is not your enemy
    • Do not panic if the industry in question is new to you – you are not expected to know it
    • The interview is a chance to show who you are and how you behave as a consultant
    • Do not get lost in the details – focus on the essentials and use hypothesis
    • Sum up the case interview and present your recommendations

    Read more about how we store your personal information here

    Some of our colleagues

    Axholmen puts great value on involving all colleagues in developing the firm. Therefore, there is a strong incentive for everyone in the company to contribute and continue their own personal development. As a junior consultant, you will take responsibility early on in projects with support from senior colleagues. My first time here at Axholmen has really exceeded my expectations. I felt like a part of the team even before my first day, and I have been faced with challenging and interesting work tasks.

    Diana Henningsson

    My name is Alexander and I have recently been in the above-described recruitment process. All consultants at Axholmen have, in addition to their role as a consultant, the opportunity to take internal responsibility for driving the development of Axholmen as a company. As a new addition to the team, I have taken shared reasonability for our Associate recruitment. This includes hosting a student event and the recruitment day during fall.

    Alexander Fahnehjelm

    The best thing about Axholmen is the open environment where everybody, from day one, are encouraged to participate in the continuous development of the firm. Add to this a mix of interesting clients, challenging projects, and competent colleagues and you have a winner, where personal development is inevitable. Overall grade for Axholmen is 5/5!

    Felix Andersson