About us

Our history

Axholmen was founded in 2007 with the idea of delivering a modern Swedish alternative to global management consulting firms. Over the last 10+ years we have worked with over 100 clients in areas such as profitability improvements and investments

Axholmen was founded on a vision to challenge traditional ways of developing the client’s business

Axholmen is a management consulting company founded with the idea of creating a simpler and more result-focused way of delivering consulting services.

Our philosophy is that consulting services should lead to lasting and concrete results. That is why we are also prepared to share commercial risk and tie our fees to the value created with our client.

Our core offer is to solve important business challenges related to improved profitability, and we have experience from most industries.

We do not compromise when recruiting and our consultants are handpicked for their strong references, commitment and skills.

Working at Axholmen

Axholmen is looking for the best strategy and management consultants in the Nordic region that want to develop fast in an inspiring environment where the development of every co-worker is central to our company’s future. We seek candidates that are attracted to our philosophy to share clients’ goals and risks, as well as working close to the client. Successful candidates will be curious, courageous and interested in joining and building a company with high growth ambitions.

We use our employees’ own words to describe the most important part of our offer – the one thing that really distinguishes Axholmen and makes us stay and thrive here.

Challenging and varied assignments – we do projects in various industries, companies of different sizes and with varied challenges. Usually we are part of the whole process from strategy and analysis to reaching targets together with our client.

Exposure to senior clients – Axholmen often work with clients’ senior representatives typically CXO level or business area managers. We work in small teams where everyone is exposed to key clients.

Work-life balance – our clients always have high demands, but with realistic plans – with a business model focusing on result rather than hours, everyone have time for a life outside work. Our office is located in central Stockholm near the majority of our clients that are in the Stockholm region, resulting in few travel days.

Personal culture – there is a great community and inclusive atmosphere, where we collaborate, inspire and care for each other throughout the whole company. We do not have an extreme pyramid organization structure, instead our leadership is more personal and individual.

Participation in business development – there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to Axholmen’s success, Own initiatives and ideas are encouraged and appreciated. Everyone in the company is actively involved in both strategy and sales activities.

Result based business model – we focus on results and value and relate our commercial model to the value we are part of creating. The business model helps us to work pragmatically and focus on what brings value.

Our values

To challenge our own perceptions, and our clients’ established truths, is at our core. By being a challenger, we create value beyond facilitation and project management.

Our focus is on what creates most value to our clients. We know that “success for our client equals success for Axholmen“ and aim for win-win situations in all our client relationships.

Sustainable success is based on high ethical standards – a good business deal must create long term value for the client even after the project is completed. It presumes integrity to stand up for important findings even when the truth is uncomfortable.

In our deliverables we highlight what is most important from a business perspective and present clear decision points. We keep our focus on the project’s purpose and goal, we
adjust our ways and means to get there. We adapt to the client’s corporate culture.

We are interested in the individual and care beyond the current engagement. We build loyalty and lasting relationships with the client. We are there for each other and for Axholmen, also in busy times– when we give we also receive.

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    How we handle your personal information

    Axholmen needs access to your personal information in order to complete the service that we offer to you as a client or candidate, as well as for administration and follow-up.

    The legal basis for processing your personal data is described in our privacy policy and in article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation. The personal information we might process is: your name, your personal identity number, your email address, your phone number, your CV, account number, payroll, position and, in rare cases, health information and union membership.

    Axholmen will save your personal information the time required for us to fulfil the advisory responsibility we have, as long as management of the data meets the purpose, and as long as there is a legal basis for it.

    Personal data submitted to Axholmen will only be managed by Axholmen. Contact Axholmen’s Data Protection Officer Jenny Hasselblad at jenny.hasselblad@axholmen.se or call +46 (0)8-101674 if you have questions regarding our handling of personal information. You may revoke your consent for us to process your personal data at any time. You are also entitled to request access to all your personal information, have it corrected or removed as well as request that the processing of your data should be limited.

    You also have the right to data portability and to file a complaint regarding our processing of your personal information to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA).

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