Improve your market capitalization through strategic excellence

How does your management team develop and formulate your own strategy to maximize your Market Capitalization? Axholmen specializes in developing your company’s strategy together with your management team, utilizing your organization and your customers as product, market and operations experts.

Strategy formulation

Market Capitalization-focused: We avoid theoretical perfection and focus on activities that substantially improve your market cap.

Feasible: We develop your strategy with and by the company’s management team, being reality-checked with verified executability.

Concrete: We convert strategic levers into actionable initiatives, where the effect of the activities creates the strategic improvements, not conceptual theories that never realize.

Measurable: We formulate strategic goals that can be financially measured with relevant leading and lagging KPIs, measuring both progress and effects vs. targets.

Anchored: We base your strategy on actual customers and market conditions that front-line Sales meets daily.

Strategy realization

Successful strategies get realized – and they result in the market cap improvements that the shareholders expect.

We specialize in formulating doable actions to achieve the financial targets, in combination with simplified and effective tracking. Based on the strategy, we define the actions needed to reach the results. We also secure a clear link from the outcome of each activity to the P&L and the balance sheet effects. We concretize needed investments and expected lead-times to the completion of each activity to secure realism and feasibility. We use a proven tracker to follow up the strategic plan, clearly steering towards reaching the targeted market cap improvement on-time. During the realization, when running into unexpected obstacles, we support in revising actions to overcome the obstacles without losing traction towards the financial targets.

Our approach and expertise

Data freaks: To eliminate the guessing game, we look at your current performance and point of departure, including business and product data, customer interviews, discovery calls, lost business reviews, peer research and competition outlooks to understand your potential.

Shoulder-to-shoulder: We are specialists in engaging closely with your organization to ensure that we support you in developing your strategy.

Niche expertise: We offer a global network of niche industry experts, complementary to your own market and customer knowledge.

Senior teams: We deliver in more senior teams, with many years of experience in developing clients’ strategies, being experts in interpreting and concluding data to challenge old truths, but also providing advice based on examples of other successful strategies.

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20 years experience from creating P&L results through spend reduction, efficiency improvements, operating model revisions, re-design & dimensioning of organizations, working capital efficiency improvements and pricing optimization in large- and medium-sized companies in a diverse blend of industries, both in consulting and line responsible roles.

Erik Mokvist, Partner


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