We help our clients to accelerate growth and improve profitability

We all share the view that modern consulting is motivated by the actual results and financial values that are created. We realize that simplicity, pragmatism and close cooperation are main keys in leaving a permanent mark and lasting results. Our consultants are experienced top-class talents capable of understanding and solving your critical business challenges.

Our main offerings

About Axholmen

Axholmen is a management consulting firm founded in 2007 with the aim to offer a personal and modern Swedish alternative to the global strategy houses. Our focus is on profitability improvements delivered in close cooperation with the client – and pragmatism is the keyword.

We have managed to build a large client base among leading Swedish and Scandinavian companies, as well as attract and keep great talent. We have accomplished this by delivering concrete results in strategic projects, combined with working in smaller, more senior teams together with the client. Our clients describe us as both strategic and concrete and highlights our ability to help them find relevant solutions and stay with them all the way, until the change is complete and results are achieved.

Axholmen has a strong team of experienced management consultants, who all share the idea that modern consulting services are motivated by their actual results and the economic value created from it. We are willing to share the commercial risk and tie a large part of our fee to the achievement of agreed goals and results.

Our approach

One thing that our clients often point out being distinguishing for Axholmen is our way of working – how we achieve concrete, lasting results and leave behind a stronger and more efficient organization with ownership of the result.

With their experience and flexible way of working, Axholmen has worked close to our organization. Together we have developed a concrete and long-term strategy for the development of our supply chain here at Roxtec.

Mats Friberg, EVP Global Operations, Roxtec

In record time, Axholmen has helped us to find new strategic partners, a very important milestone that we hope find a place in our history books.

Peter Muld, CDO ICA

Through a clear methodology and pragmatic approach, Axholmen has helped us with significantly improving Axstores’ results.

Lars Gunnar Schultz, CFO Axstores


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