Isabelle Vännström

M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping University.
Exchange studies at Hanyang University in South Korea.

What motivates me
Working on challenging, fast-paced projects with tight deadlines, where each day can look different.

Why I choose to work at Axholmen
Axholmen offers a great combination of fun colleagues, interesting projects, and the opportunity to help develop the company.

Concretizing a growth strategy

For business-to-business companies with the ambition to grow, a growth strategy is usually developed based on a point-of-departure analysis combined with customer and market insights. However, to make the plan successful, actions need to be concretely defined and planned. Without converting a theoretical strategy into doable actions, limited positive effects can be expected.

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Strategy to improve market capitalization

In today’s competitive landscape, maximizing market capitalization is not just a goal but the cornerstone for sustainable growth, investor confidence, and industry leadership. It is a critical strategy metric, blending short-term performance and cash flow with long-term potential. However, many corporate strategies are sub-optimized due to insufficient efforts in quantifying the long-term benefits of strategic initiatives.

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