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Customer service has changed shape

Customer service has clearly developed during the last five years. We can primarily see ten different movements made on the market

Author: Erik Mokvist


Customer service has changed shape – do you agree?

Axholmen has substantial experience from helping companies to improve and transform their operations within customer service. The points above summarize the most obvious movements that we have seen within all our clients.

Axholmen has worked broadly over different industries and in a dozen of projects where we have supported large companies with e.g.:

  • Diagnostics of customer service operations to identify improvement potential
  • Streamlining to significantly increase availability with maintained costs
  • Profitability improvement with lowered cost and increased quality, with maintained availability and level of sales
  • Structural changes by centralizing, either physical or virtual centralization
  • Outsourcing of large customer service functions, targeting lowered cost, increased quality and accelerated incoming sales
  • Re-establishing a collapsed customer service function after several years of operating with negative snowball effects
  • Basis for decision and anchoring of structural changes

We have used our experience to build our view of how a modern customer service should operate, together with a set of common traps to avoid on a daily basis. For the last 10 years we have developed several context specific tools for improving customer service.

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