Create efficiency that lasts

We help our clients with profitability and efficiency improvements throughout the whole transformation. In order to achieve sustainable competitiveness in a world driven by continuous change, the need for companies to work with efficiency improvements is high. By focusing on concrete results, you ensure that the expected effects are achieved. Create lasting efficiency in your business to maintain competitiveness and increased profitability.

Cost reduction program

In order to succeed with cost savings and create lasting results, a strong commitment and a common view on how to proceed forward is required from the organization. One of the major challenges is to dare challenge the current way of working, and to find new creative solutions that utilize innovative technologies. Knowledge is often found in your own organization, and it can be released with the help from an external management consultant.

From our experience, successful cost reductions are achieved when an organization has a joint view of the need for change, while those affected by the change understand and accept the underlying forces. Axholmen has many years of experience supporting organizations with their own unique transformation initiatives as well as overall cost reduction programs. We know how to successfully unify the organization behind a common objective that clearly tells what the change will entail, and where the approach chosen is adapted to the organization’s unique needs.

Resource optimization

In order to achieve high efficiency, the resources used have to be used in the best possible way. By reviewing e.g. the mix of employment, introduce work rotation and create effective work schedules – or increase flexibility with help from staff agencies or subcontractors – the use of resources and staff planning can be optimized.

Our experience, however, is that many companies fail to challenge the demand for staff. In order to achieve high staff efficiency, staff demand also needs to be optimized against availability.

Axholmen has substantial knowledge and experience in resource planning and the various methods available to understand the demand for staff – as well as its potential for improvement, such as internal benchmarking combined with data-driven modelling. Based on the understanding for staff demand, suitable arrangements can be identified. This includes automation, elimination of activities that do not add value and planning of non-time-sensitive activities.


We have extensive experience of supporting procurement organizations in their strive towards becoming a strategic value-adding function and the often sought after business partner. Depending on their maturity and needs, Axholmen supports in many areas. We have long experience from strategy and organizational development – for example to develop the role of procurement function and its agenda, as well as designing suitable structures; by designing the procurement organization and their processes, or to further develop category control, for example. Further on, we help with efficiency improvements – from analysis and identification of purchasing savings (either per category or as a program), all the way to implementation and negotiation. Our experience is that the greatest savings are achieved through the combination of commercial improvements and optimization of what (content) and how much (the internal demand) the business buys. We also advise in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), by developing frameworks and control for SRM and segmenting suppliers.

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